The Best Gaming Hardware for Speed

RAM or Random Access Memory plays a critical role in computing capacity and speed. In terms of hardware, this is found in the CPU, or Central Processing unit. The more RAM your gaming computer has, the better.

Basically, for the best gaming hardware, you will need a CPU with at least an 8GB capacity which is ideal for most gaming, as long as you are not also running other processes or something like a server. However, at the 6GB level, gaming will lag and many just won’t work unless you have an external RAM boost.

Speed is another consideration. The ranges you are looking for are between 1600 MHz and 3400 MHz speeds. You want at least 8GB RAM. RAM is where all immediately processing data is stored and changed, so it is literally the space you have to work with. 16GB is ideal and if you can get up to 3200 MHz with that, it would be brilliant.

best gaming hardware

Naturally, you may go higher with the RAM and even up to higher speeds, but it would be futile under most circumstances unless you are running a massive gaming sever. That would be an entirely different subject.

When selecting good gaming CPUs for speed and efficiency, go for the higher GB and go for the higher speeds. While 8GB RAM will serve for now, as games develop, it will not for too much longer. Also, the lower MHz values will not serve so well in years to come either. It is best to invest in the higher end, greater capacity, high-speed RAM you will need.

Understand, that the higher the RAM and the speed, the more heat is produced. This will require efficient cooling systems for your gaming tower. If you are doing this on a laptop, try to go with Intel Core i7 processors, as they don’t get as hot as AMD processors do.