Planning a Stag Weekend

When you realize one of your closest friends or family members is about to get married, you are probably really excited for them. But for many people, the most exciting aspect about someone they know getting married is being allowed to plan and attend the stag do. It is a great feeling, not only to plan such weekends, but to have a fantastic time with all your friends and family. It is a truly great occasion, and it deserves as much planning as you can give it! Here is a look at some ways you can really make sure everyone is going to have a wonderful time at the stag weekend:

  1. Fun Activities

A stag weekend is all about having as much fun as possible. You are not going to worry too much about down time or taking it easy, because the weekend is all about packing as much great activity as you can manage. Start with some relaxing activities in the day, and slowly work your way towards the more fun and adventurous moments as the night arrives. Make sure you plan a great place for everyone to eat, especially for dinner, because some nice meals during the stag weekend are a great experience.

  1. Take Care Of Yourselves

With any event, such as a stag weekend, there is a tendency to overdo things a little bit. We have all been there – we party until we literally cannot stop. The last thing you want is someone to get really sick at the stag weekend, especially the groom! You are going to want to plan in a way that ensures everyone is hydrated, taking care of themselves and not overdoing it with the drinking or drunks. These things are fine in moderation, but you do not want to go too overboard!